ASAP Rocky Announces New AWGE Merch and Online Forum

posted by Sole Individual January 20, 2018 0 comments

The first rule of AWGE is to never reveal what AWGE means. The second rule is to refer to rule one. Despite the secrecy of the letters that represent the ASAP Mob’s creative collective, that doesn’t mean that fresh merch cannot be celebrated. Earlier today, ASAP Rocky tweeted out some updates coming to the expertly designed website.

New AWGE-branded threads include a shirt, hoodie, and hats. The T-shirt is simple enough, a white and red ringer tee with red “AWGE” lettering. A black hoodie with repeated blue lettering is the second option from the drop. Black and yellow beanies sporting an AWGE interpretation of the retro DVD logo, a red beanie with blue “AWGE” branding, and a blacked-out trucker hat with green “AWGE” lettering take care of the headwear options available for pre-order on the site. Prices range from $60-$100 and are scheduled to ship out Feb. 1.

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