Floyd Mayweather Taunts McGregor By Calling Him A ‘Certified B**ch’

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor traded shots again on Sunday (February 11), after The Money Team honcho mocked his former prizefighting competitor in a photoshopped picture of him elbowing the bloodied Irishman in the face.

“Certified Killa vs. Certified B***h,” Mayweather wrote in the caption of the viral post. Seeing how Mayweather was wearing the same TMT branded grappling gloves he had covering his hands in a shot shared with followers nine days prior, many were prompted to buzz about it providing further indication that the undefeated champ is moving closer towards meeting McGregor on his turf.

Hours later McGregor would respond by posting a photo of him elbowing Nate Diaz during their 2016 matchup. “A real elbow in a real fight,” he wrote in the caption.

If Mayweather doesn’t have plans to cross over for a fight in the UFC, one wouldn’t be able to tell that, judging by his social media activity of late.

The future International Boxing Hall of Famer brought January to a close by following up a photograph of him clocking McGregor during their 2017 battle in Las Vegas, with imagery of himself engaging in mixed martial arts activity.

One video posted to Instagram merely showed him circling an octagon while another featured the 40-year-old pugilist asking, “2018, Floyd Money Mayweather; MMA. What are the odds?”

Take a look above.

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