Is Another Bape x adidas NMD Collab On The Way?

What do we have here? In spite of the fact that not yet affirmed, this seems to resemble another Bape x adidas NMD Human Race collab/test, isn’t that so? Seen here out of the blue on The ACE Family YouTube channel, kickitwitdd conveyed it to our consideration this at no other time seen tennis shoe could either be a Friends and Family elite, perhaps an up and coming collab for 2018, or even an example for all we know.

Additionally worth specifying, the outline gives off an impression of being a NMD Human Race. In the event that that is the situation, envision the sort of buildup a potential Bape x adidas NMD Human Race collab would cause?

If you want to see the video where the shoe appears click/tap here and fast-forward to the 16:00 minute mark to see for yourself.


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