Mase Warns Cam’ron About Their Beef: “If It Doesn’t Stop It’s Gon’ End Bad.”

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The Mase and Cam’ron beef had the internet buzzing for a good week with fans and on-air personalities discussing it ad-nauseam. But now that things have seemingly died down, the luster from the beef has kind of worn off. Jim Jones was recently on Ebro in the Morning and downplayed the entire ordeal saying that it wasn’t anything there and that nothing would come of it.

Mase made his way to The Angie Martinez Show Tuesday night following the release of a new track with Diddy and DJ Khaled entitled “Rap Rushmore.” Mase’s sit-down with Angie lasted for a good hour and a half where he spoke on numerous topics, but they discussed the ongoing feud with Cam’ron right out the gate. He told Angie, “The spirit of the song is whatever happened when we were 19, grow up. Anybody should understand that. Whatever we went through at 19, 20 or even 21, grow up.” After being asked how he believes this will end Mase stated, “I told you how it ends. If it doesn’t stop it’s gon’ end bad for him.”

Mase added, “Really I ain’t have nothing else to say. I said what I needed to say. He went on the radio and said what he needed to say. I go on the radio and say what I have to say. It could stop there or it don’t have to.”

If you want to hear more from Mase on the beef skip to the 3:00 mark.

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