If you're going to be a bitch, be an arrogant one

Throughout my journey as a designer, I've always felt like I was slept on so I've always stuck with the underdog mentality. It's been many occurrences where I've talked to people about my company seeking new customers or influencers seeking endorsements where I was insecure and you could see it through my mannerisms. It finally came to a point where I really developed the confidence in myself where I let all of those insecurities go and started handling boasting about what I was doing in an ARROGANT way!

We always look at people that we define as "ARROGANT" in a negative way but the fact of the matter is they've just built a supreme confidence which is something we all have to embrace. I've finally built my supreme confidence and this is the era I'm in, I want everybody who put on an ARROGANT ERA garment to hold their head high and understand you are everything you believe you are!

You can now purchase the logo tee here.

"If You're Going To Be A B#tch, Be An Arrogant One"

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Rico L.
Rico L.


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