A lot of legends came out of the '96 Draft Class so we paid homage

I took my time with this piece, I wanted to create a jacket which reflected an era I was inspired by. This varsity jacket features 3 embroidered logos, genuine leather sleeves, with a wool body. The inspiration for this piece came from the NBA 1996 Draft Class which included legends like Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, and more. The two that stood out to me in this class is obviously Allen Iverson for having that relentless drive to win with all the odds stacked against you and Kobe Bryant for that underdog mentality and ultimately coming out of the pack as a champion.

I made sure to throw patches that reflected SNDVL as well and I chose to throw our iconic SOLE BOY mascot on the back rocking the "True Blue" Air Jordan 3's. This is easily one of my favorite pieces and is now available to you with FREE shipping here.


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Rico L.
Rico L.


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